What is social media content and why is it so important to your business?

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to the world of social media content and marketing. If you own a business at minimum you own a website. Websites vary which is often dependent on a few things, the size of your business, the type of your business and your content. This is what I would like to touch on in this blog, what content are you putting out there on your website, and what is transferable to your socials.


What makes a good website?

What makes a good website and what makes people (potential customers) want to stick around and see what you have on offer. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, easy on the eye and borderline minimalist. But having a busy, complicated website can create challenging navigation, confusion which leads to running the risk of losing your lead.

So, let’s say you’ve got your website looking schmick. Your colour pallet and style guide is on brand and  you’ve set up your Home, About Us and Contact Us pages, you’re good to go. Are you? Good to go?

The first thing your audience looks for (after they’re ogling how snazzy it appears) is, what is it that you actually do. Getting straight to the point of your intention is imperative; if you’re selling something, explain what it is and why that person needs it, if you’re offering a service, tell them what that service is so that they fully understand the concept. Keep it simple and straightforward whenever possible. There’s no use confusing your audience!

A good way to practice if you’re message is clear; put yourself in the shoes of your target market (if you’ve been clever enough to already work that out, of course!), how would you like to be sold to, is it easily explained and is it resinating with me? There are no second chances when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention with your website; one-click and they’ve moved on to one of your competitors.

So this said, how does your website content affect your social media content? Well, they go hand in hand. If you’re using social media for your business, your content must run parallel to your website. Ultimately you use your social media platforms to drive traffic back to you website, that’s how you convert your leads into sales. Your fans into customers.

How do you draw your audience back to your website?

With superb social media content marketing is a good start. It’s a process. Gaining trust from your audience may not be instant, it can take time. Someone may choose to follow you on Facebook for 6-12 months before they decide to make a sale with your business. This is also another good reason why good, smart content is important when you are trying to build up a communicative, engaged audience for your socials.

Keeping your social media content interesting, fun and sometimes slightly off-topic keeps things light and non-salesy. Remembering people don’t want to be sold to most of the time and as Facebook have clearly stated (through online polls), they definitely don’t and Facebook penalise businesses that do. Keep you your sales posts for boosted posts and/or campaigns only.

Leading the way with engaging social media content will allow your audience to get to know your business and you, how you communicate and resinate with them. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach out to your audience; you never know who might be watching …


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